Building Design with Birds in Mind

When planning, designing or developing a building, architects and property developers often forget to address external factors, such as pest birds. Mistakenly, they often wait until the project is complete and the building is occupied to find what could be causing bird infestation and structure damage, assuming that the problem is caused by external factors, when the problems actually lay within the design itself. The early phase of building and renovation projects is the best time to assess and correct any potential bird infestation areas, saving you a lot of time and money.

Architects are often faced with many dilemmas when designing a new building.  Environmental factors must be taken into account to ensure that projects will withstand the forces of nature. Sometimes they accidentally end up building a perfect birdhouse, and will need that extra help in determining whether a roof opening will bring light or flying birds into their buildings. That’s when you can count on BirdMaster’s 25 years of expertise to work with you!

With the Bird Deterrence Risk Assessment Consultancy Service, a bird control specialist will evaluate your site’s bird infestation threat level, and determine design elements and conditions on your project that may pose any number of species-specific attractants. As an architect begins working, even before drawings are finished, help from a BirdMaster expert may be crucial to the execution and success of a bird free construction.

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