Humane Pigeon Control in DPW Salt Sheds

Pigeon infestations in many of our municipal Massachusetts DPW Salt Sheds have become a nuisance as well as a public health and pollution issue emanating from pigeon guano build-up. Pigeon droppings in the shed can contaminate road salt piles. The contaminated salt, which can be contacted by humans and domestic animals, is eventually spread on the city streets during the winter months. Often, DPW Managers resort to ineffective and inhumane methods such as spreading corn laced with poison inside the sheds in an attempt to kill the pigeons. Not only can this course of action be seen as inhumane to birds, but it can also equally contaminate road salt.

Last winter, the town of Watertown, MA officials were plagued with such an issue. From news reports circulating in the Boston media, the town spent $49,000 in failed attempts to correct the problem and were looking at an additional $84,000 to purchase a roll up shutter door in order to prevent birds from accessing the inside of the building.

Ultimately, the problem was resolved when BirdMaster, a professional Bird Control Company installed a netting door. The door can easily be opened and closed using a manual pulley system. The 20’ wide x 30’ high opening was protected for under $5,000 while providing safe, humane pigeon control. An added benefit of using this bird netting system is that, if damage occurs to the netting material during the snow season, it is inexpensive to replace or repair.

BirdMaster Bird Control Systems specializes in humane and environmentally friendly bird deterrent systems. They have been protecting historic and commercial buildings for over 20 years. BirdMaster protects buildings from the damaging effects as well as the health hazards associated with bird guano. Their systems do not harm bird or the environment.

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