Spilled foods attract unwanted birds to High School campus

Many localities have passed laws prohibiting people from feeding birds, but it still is a serious issue for authorities, who are dealing with this problem on a regular basis across the country. Residents, visitors, workers (and the list goes on) tend to think that giving birds a small amount of leftovers can’t cause any harm. Some people even enjoy the fact that birds will come closer to them to eat. But what bird feeders usually don’t know is that this is how everything starts – by feeding birds, people are indirectly telling the birds that they can roost and nest around, because there is enough food in the area. And even if the birds decide to roost elsewhere, they will more than certainly come back for more.
Yes! Birds do need to eat, but they will find better food (and the right type) in other habitat.
At Corona del Mar High School in California birds are finding a resource on spilled foods. The high school campus has been the host for dozens of birds. Students and staff members are complaining that the birds (in special Seagulls) have been hovering around, looking for any sort of leftover left on the ground, on a garbage bin, or even on student’s hands.
The accumulation of bird guano is also causing drainage problems. Due to excessive amounts of droppings, some outside drains are being clogged. To keep the situation under control, Principal Tim Bryan is seeking for effective solutions to deter birds from roosting on their buildings, and from causing more harm.
While it is important to find an effective solution, it is crucial for an educational environment that the methods used are humane. Anything other than that could cause harm to students, staff and school’s visitors.
BirdMaster Bird Control Systems specializes in humane and environmentally friendly bird deterrent systems. They have been protecting historic and commercial buildings for over 20 years. BirdMaster protects buildings from the damaging effects as well as the health hazards associated with bird guano. Their systems do not harm bird or the environment.

Source: http://newportbeach.patch.com/articles/birds-causing-problems-for-corona-del-mar-high-school-students

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