BirdMaster Tames the Lion

Bird proofing Zinc Lion - Brooklyn Museum

Bird droppings (Guano) pose serious health risks to humans from bacteria and pulmonary invasive spores. The acidity in bird guano also degrades stone and metal, attacking the substrate of buildings causing permanent damage. Concerned, Brooklyn Museum of Art curators contracted BirdMaster to prevent pest birds to the nooks and crannies of their Lion Statue – BirdMaster had previously installed bird control systems which had successfully protected their Main Entrance Portico from pigeons.

To prevent pigeons from coming back and nesting on the sculpture, BirdMaster bird proofed it with installations that are virtually invisible from the ground. To permanently solve the bird infestation problem, BirdMaster’s bird control experts secured it using stainless steel cable, PVC coated stainless steel mesh and stainless steel spikes.

Understanding and capitalizing on the psychology of birds – means BirdMaster can predict what kind of architectural elements birds find attractive – which is crucial in preventing pigeons from coming back. BirdMaster has saved customers countless dollars by creating and executing plans which uses the minimum of hardware to create maximum results, leaving the aesthetics of the subject without compromise.

BirdMaster’s humane bird control systems do not harm birds. They simply fly away to other habitats.

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