Building might eventually be torn down due to bird droppings

An infested downtown storefront in Linton, Indiana might not stay there much longer. The building has suffered severe damages due to accumulation of bird guano over the years.
The structure has been compromised and its roof might collapse soon if no one takes charge of the situation to fix the bird infestation in a timely manner. Cleaning up the mess is just the first step to a more advanced and permanent solution, such as the installation of humane bird control systems to prevent future birds from roosting and nesting on its structures.
Without any further action, the building may be in serious trouble. Chances are that city officials will have to tear it down.
The storefront’s poor condition is making neighboring businesses worried. On one end, the adjoining properties could suffer damages by the tear-down efforts. On the other end, keeping the visually unappealing building, with its discolored walls and façade covered in pigeon poop, can create a negative impression on current and new customers.
Despite the fact that the property has been declared a nuisance, other suggestions have also arisen. One suggestion was to donate the property to local groups or the city, but the mayor didn’t show any interest due to its elevated cost. Cleaning the building and removing the birds is just a temporary solution and will not solve the problem. Mayor Leigh did some work to clean up the interior and remove the pigeons, but problems remain.
On top of all this, there are the potential health hazards associated with pigeon droppings. To list a few, Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcosis, both caused by fungus found in the bird guano, can cause infections and other major health complications.
BirdMaster Bird Control Systems specializes in humane and environmentally friendly bird deterrent systems. They have been protecting historic and commercial buildings for over 20 years. BirdMaster protects buildings from the damaging effects as well as the health hazards associated with bird guano. Their systems do not harm bird or the environment.

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