Gulls cover Saginaw City Hall with droppings

Winter has arrived, and so did the birds for Saginaw city, Michigan.

Facing a rapidly wave of flying gulls, Saginaw City Hall has probably never seen such a thing – Pest birds invaded the city in an unexpectedly short amount of time and are causing severe damages to roofs and structures around town.
The buildings and surrounding areas along city’s Saginaw River are covered with white bird droppings and are looking pretty bad for visitors and residents. Sidewalks and vehicles didn’t escape from this storm, and neither did the population, who are constantly avoiding being hit by bird guano falling from the sky.
The situation seems out of control to Phil Karwat, Saginaw’s director of public services, who works across from City Hall at 1435 S. Washington. He also claims that he has never seen anything like this in the 12 years that he has been working in the Saginaw City Hall.
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