The arrival of Seagulls brings health concerns to Tinton Falls, NJ

It is a fact that Gulls can be a nuisance and spread diseases even in small numbers, but when agglomerated in large flocks they can seriously disturb a population.

Monmouth County officials are seriously concerned about this massive invasion of seagulls and are searching for solutions to the problem. Residents are stunned by the amount of birds that have infested the area and are demanding action from authorities to get rid of these pest birds.

“Baldwin said he is concerned about the potential health hazards that may arise from the large bird population that has taken root in Fox Chase.

Monmouth County Freeholder Director Robert Clifton said the county is actively investigating the problem.

‘This is a top priority for the administration. We’re going to get a solution. We’re going to get it as fast as humanly possible,’ Clifton said.”
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