Birds create a problem for students and faculty at Millersville University, PA

Nearly fifty Canada geese are infesting the Millersville University campus. These birds are causing a mess around the campus and are interfering with the well-being of the students, faculty and visitors on site.

“The birds have created a ‘poo problem’ at Millersville University. ‘As of right now — it’s a poop invasion,’ said freshman Vanessa Rave. You don’t have to look hard to find goose droppings around the college’s typically pristine pond.

A flocking fraternity of four dozen Canada Geese became the messiest party animals around campus. Dr. Ralph Anttonen, or ‘Doc Roc,’ said his walk to class usually involves dancing around droppings.

‘Every time I come this way and I have to go over this bridge over here — you have to sort of avoid stepping in it, if you know what I mean,’ Anttonen said.

One goose can poop up to 25 times a day, creating two pounds of it. Take in consideration there’s nearly 50 birds on campus. Cleaning up about 100 pounds of poop daily has given head groundskeeper, Larry Aurand, headaches for months.

‘We clean the sidewalks every day and at its height this summer, by the middle of the day they almost needed it again,’ said Aurand.

The bird droppings pose serious health threats too. Diseases can be tracked into dorms and classrooms — not to mention that scat can be slippery.

‘Every sidewalk that you possibly walk on by the ponds, [the poop is] everywhere,’ Rave said. ‘It’s green and it dries white, but on the bottom of your shoes. It’ll stay there for days.’
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It is important for schools to offer a clean and safe site for students, faculty and visitors. To avoid contamination, birds must be kept away, and the site must be free of bird droppings.

A humane bird control system can be very effective in eliminating pest birds, without harming the birds or the environment.

BirdMaster Bird Control Systems specializes in humane and environmentally friendly bird deterrent systems. They have been protecting historic and commercial buildings for over 20 years. BirdMaster protects buildings from the damaging effects as well as the health hazards associated with bird guano. Their systems do not harm bird or the environment.


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