Pigeon Infestation threatens to damage neighboring businesses causing concerns for the Linton City Council

Pigeons are causing serious concerns to neighboring merchants and city officials, as one of the empty storefronts lining the N. Main St of Linton City, Indiana has been the favorite place for pigeons to roost.

The accumulation of bird guano is causing merchants to worry about their businesses, as the pigeon guano pose health risks to neighbors and visitors.

The Linton City Council even considered demolishing the building, as the structures were also affected by the cumulative and corrosive effects of bird guano, and the owner believes the costs are too high to get it fixed at this point.

“Once the home of Attic of the Wind and Mainstreet Mortgage, the empty storefront’s now lined with pigeon feathers and bird dung.

Linton city attorney Tim Shonk told the Linton City Council he’s concerned Danny Leigh, the owner of the vacant storefront, might tear the building down, damaging neighboring businesses.

The same damage could occur, officials fear, if the city condemns and tears down the site, leaving an unsightly vacant lot.

Shonk’s also concerned about the possibility of health hazards, structural damage and collapse if the building stays standing.”
Read more: http://gcdailyworld.com/story/1736543.html

Pigeons can damage a building fast and repairs can be very costly. But often, businesses owners and property managers mistakenly forget to install bird control systems at their sites and do not pay much attention to bird infestations.

To prevent pigeons from entering or roosting on your building, BirdMaster installs highly effective humane bird proofing systems, which do not harm birds. Choosing the appropriate system can be challenging, but BirdMaster’s professionals understand the psychology of birds, which is why our installations have worked in places where feathered pests have remained unmoved by everything from spikes and chemicals to air cannons.

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