Man claims pigeon droppings on Soo Locks led to health problems


Health hazards, amongst other problems, arise from the accumulation of bird droppings. Structure deterioration, depreciation of exterior appearance, and even a loss of customers and reduction of business are all consequences of a poor bird proofing strategy. Addressing pest bird infestations will help avoid future costly repairs, health problems, injuries or even possible lawsuits.

This April in The Detroit News, “An Upper Peninsula man who worked on the Soo Locks sued his former employers today in federal court, blaming his medical problems on prolonged exposure to pigeon poop.
The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, accuses Grand Trunk Western Railroad Co. and Canadian National/Illinois Central Railroad of failing to protect electrician Bruce Harrison from hazardous work conditions.
Harrison, 54, worked on the Soo Locks from 1990 to 2006 and was exposed to pigeon droppings on the railroad bridges, Birmingham lawyer Dennis O’Bryan said in an interview today.
‘It’s all over the bridges and stuff, and they didn’t really take care of cleaning it off very well or give respiratory or breathing protection,’ he said.
A Canadian National spokesman declined comment today.
Harrison has developed symptoms consistent with histoplasmosis, according to the lawsuit. That is an infection transmitted by airborne spores found near soil that contains bird or bat droppings, according to the Mayo Clinic.”
From the Detroit News:

Business owners and facilities managers are often responsible for building’s safety and appearance, and because the constant cleaning costs associated with bird infestations are extremely high, the accumulation of bird guano is often inevitable. The accumulation of pigeon droppings is a health and safety issue and is often a consequence of poor or non-existent bird control systems.

Preventive action such as the installation of humane bird control systems is a cost effective solution that prevents pest birds from roosting on buildings and premises, and thus helps prevent illnesses transmitted by bird guano.

BirdMaster Bird Control Systems specializes in humane and environmentally friendly bird deterrent systems. They have been protecting historic and commercial buildings for over 20 years. BirdMaster protects buildings from the damaging effects as well as the health hazards associated with bird guano. Their systems do not harm bird or the environment.

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