Carson Memorial Has Some Wondering if Glass Will Affect the Birds

Nestled in Silver Spring, Maryland sits a memorial honoring environmental advocate, Rachel Carson.

The Carson Memorial displays thick glass panels etched with the words of Carson’s most memorable writings.

Most famous for her 1963 book, Silent Spring, the advocate’s memorial is causing quite a stir. The book strongly detailed the affects, and her opinions, on pesticides and songbirds. But according to Steve Lapham, who works in the town, her very memorial is what’s damaging to the birds.

Lapham claims the memorial’s glass panels are taking the lives of birds that simply think they can fly right through. Donald Hague, the president of Home Properties who constructed the memorial, seems to think otherwise.

EP-141119774The American Bird Conservancy said that birds are more likely to avoid windows that have vertical stripes that are four inches apart, or horizontal stripes that are 2 inches apart or less. Something that Lapham doesn’t think the construction appealed to.

Each year, it’s estimated that 300 million to 1 billion birds die each year due to a bird striking glass on buildings or landmarks. Birds can’t process how reflection works, so seeing trees in the glass means a continuation of the landscape; essentially, glass is invisible to the bird’s eye.

The fall is when birds begin their migrations and bird strikes are very common during this season. Any architect should know the importance of protecting a memorial or other historical landmark, from wildlife such as pest birds.

BirdMaster knows just what to it takes to humanely protect architectural work from birds!

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