Massachusetts Company offers effective bird-control solutions to bird guano problems plaguing America’s bridges and elevated roadways

Experts agree that the build-up of bird guano can cause deterioration of the substrata of our nations bridges; often resulting in disaster. As bridge inspectors look for solutions to combat this problem, they turn to the experts in bird control: Bird Master Bird Control Systems. For over 20 years, BirdMaster®, an innovative Massachusetts company, has been successfully implementing various bird control products and techniques that, not only effectively eliminate bird infestations, but also the damaging effects of their guano.

One simple but revolutionary new product, known as “Bird Bellows”, is a flexible, stainless steel bird exclusion system designed for easy installation in the spaces between bridge and elevated roadway expansion joints. Their exclusive patent-pending design allows the bellow to flex and move in unison with the expansion joint. Used in the Boston Central Artery project, Bird Bellows has been deemed acceptable for use on bridge projects by various state departments of transpiration.

Other projects include the I-84 Bridge #1766 in Hartford. Here, BirdMaster was contracted to protect over 75,000 square feet on the underside of the structure. Using their Permanet and Permamesh systems, they successfully eliminated the damaging effects of bird guano from roosting and nesting pigeons.

Not only does BirdMaster protect bridges and elevated sections of roadways, but also safeguards workers and inspectors from the potential hazards of disease-carrying bird guano. With society’s increasing concern over the myriad of bird-born diseases, it is more important than ever to address bird infestation problems.

About BirdMaster: Founded in 1988 BirdMaster® ( is the premier company specializing in architectural bird control and bird proofing. They have developed proprietary products and techniques that protect bridges and stadiums, hospitals, museums, hotels, office buildings, theatres, and retail establishments of all styles and vintages. Their customer portfolio includes sites like the U.S. Capitol Building, the Statue of Liberty, Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, the National Cathedral in Washington, and a legion of other prestigious landmarks. Their commitment to historic preservation has led to assignments on the campuses of nearly every ivy league college, not to mention most of the government buildings lining Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

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