Bird Deterrence Risk Assessment Service

Helping architects and property developers during the planning, design and development stages.

Are you in the early phases of your building and renovation project? Now it is the best time to assess potential bird infestation areas, and prevent future costly issues.


Many times architects are faced with the dilemma when designing a new building.  Are they building a birdhouse? Often enough, architects need that extra help in determining whether a roof opening will bring light or flying birds into their buildings. And that's when you can trust BirdMaster's 25 years expertise to work with you during the design stages of your project. We help businesses take care of existing bird infestation problems, but even better... We can help you completely avoid them!


During our assessment, BirdMaster will evaluate the area around your site to determine the level of bird population and how the species present would interact with the design elements and conditions on your project.



Our Bird Deterrence Risk Assessment Service includes:

1. Full review of the exterior elevations and architectural details of the new construction to assess and identify areas of possible concern.

2. Perform a site visit to evaluate the bird infestation threat level within a ¼ mile radius of the new construction. This helps determine which species are present and thus upon our experience how that may affect the new construction.

3. Produce a report with detailed findings and recommendations.

4. Meet with the design team, architects/owners to discuss the report, relating to potential design modification versus bird deterrence options, while addressing specific design team concerns and questions.

5. Ongoing telephone and email support to assist the design team.