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Why BirdMaster is trusted with so many national treasures.

BirdMaster has developed innovative methods to eliminate pest bird problems. We are able to perform our installations without damaging either architectural structures or the birds themselves.

That's why our bird control portfolio includes sites like the Statue of Liberty, Philadelphia's Independence Hall, the National Cathedral in Washington, and a legion of other prestigious landmarks. Our commitment to historic preservation has led to assignments on the campuses of nearly every Ivy League college, not to mention most of the government buildings lining Pennsylvania Avenue.

We have also applied our skills to bridges, stadiums, hospitals, museums, hotels, office buildings, theaters, and retail establishments of all styles and vintages. Wherever birds are a problem, you can count on BirdMaster for solutions that are effective and aesthetically pleasing.


Our Portfolio is a Who's Who of Historical Buildings and Landmarks.

Click on any of the thumbnails on the left and judge for yourself. BirdMaster prides itself on maintaining the architectural integrity of historical buildings.

After all, if BirdMaster's bird control systems worked on these buildings, surely, they will work for you.