Pigeon Infestation threatens to damage neighboring businesses causing concerns for the Linton City Council

Pigeons are causing serious concerns to neighboring merchants and city officials, as one of the empty storefronts lining the N. Main St of Linton City, Indiana has been the favorite place for pigeons to roost.

The accumulation of bird guano is causing merchants to worry about their businesses, as the pigeon guano pose health risks to neighbors and visitors.

Woman was blinded and nearly killed simply by coming into contact with pigeon feces.

‘Please don’t feed the pigeons’ This year, in early January, a young New Brunswick woman contracted a potentially fatal condition known as Cryptococcal Meningitis. This is a serious fungal disease carried in the feces of pigeons, easily transmitted to humans simply by coming into contact with pigeon droppings. “The debilitating illness attacks the spine and …