Ohio is a little bit Egyptian

Known for its substantial collection of Asian and Egyptian art, The Cleveland Museum of Art is nestled into the east side of the city in the Wade Park District. In 1913, three prominent Cleveland residents, Hinman Hurlbut, John Huntington and Horace Kelley, bestowed an endowment of $750 million dollars to build the museum, all with …


The Crows Are Taking Over!

On any given day in downtown Springfield, Ohio, there are more crows than people. And it’s becoming a growing concern. In fact, according to city officials- they’re everywhere! And it doesn’t look like the crows want to leave anytime soon. With fields surrounding the county, crows have always had a longtime home there. But Roger …


Pigeons take over Washington County

A large, growing group of pigeons have infested Washington County and are causing officials to worry about the health and well-being of its population. Before the population and visitors get sick from bird droppings, the town is brainstorming ways to fix the pigeon infestation without harming birds or the environment.

New York Public Library includes BirdMaster Bird Control Netting in Restoration Project

   New York Public Library President, Paul LecClerc, along with city officials, gathered on 42nd street this this past Tuesday to celebrate the substantial completion of the $50 million, 3-year restoration project. In 2006, a building survey revealed severe deterioration and soiling on the façade, including the Corinthian column capitals, lion head keystones and scroll …


BirdMaster Tames the Lion

Bird droppings (Guano) pose serious health risks to humans from bacteria and pulmonary invasive spores. The acidity in bird guano also degrades stone and metal, attacking the substrate of buildings causing permanent damage. Concerned, Brooklyn Museum of Art curators contracted BirdMaster to prevent pest birds to the nooks and crannies of their Lion Statue – …