PermaNet Marble

When Aesthetic is key

BirdMaster's new PermaNet Marble™ bird barrier netting is specifically designed to be used on facades with light grey to white stonework such as marble, granite and light colored limestone.

Here are some reasons why PermaNet Marble™ Bird Netting System outperforms the competition:

  • Light grey color virtually invisible from ground level.
  • 3/4 inch square mesh is ideal for all types of pest birds including pigeons, gulls, sparrows and starlings.
  • Utilizes thin twine diameter (0.039") with a strength ratio of 33 pounds.
  • Enhanced with Ciba 783™ UV inhibitors.
  • Custom made to any size and installed without the need for unsightly seams.
  • Non-destructive installation, easily reversible.
  • Re-sealable access optional.
  • Low maintenance.
  • All stainless steel hardware.
  • Two year limited warranty. Extended warranties available.

PermaNet Marble™

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