Pest Birds

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Bird droppings pose serious health risks to humans from bacteria and pulmonary invasive spores.
The acidity in bird guano (a.k.a. droppings) defaces stone and metal, attacking the substrate of a building to cause permanent damage.

Pigeon bird
Pigeon, n. To others, a dove, homer, squab, pouter, turbit, tumbler, roller, or fantail. To BirdMaster™, a sitting duck.
Starling bird
Starling, n. A usually dark, oscine bird known for gregarious behavior, except when it encounters BirdMaster™.
Sparrow bird
Sparrow, n. A small chiefly brownish or grayish Old World oscine songbird. Best enjoyed in the wild, where BirdMaster™ sends it.
Finch bird
Finch, n. a songbird with a short, stout, usually conical, bill adapted for crushing seeds. BirdMaster™ dashes its chances to live in human structures.

Bird guano can damage structures

bird droppings damage to structurebird guano damage to structurebird droppings damage to structure