Makes Bird Infestation Disappear

Our BirdBellows™ bridge bird proofing system eliminates the problem of pigeons nesting and roosting inside hollow sections of roadways and bridges. Guano from these birds not only makes it unhealthy for roadway inspectors, but, over time can also damage the fabric and structural integrity of roadways and bridges.

BirdBellows™ is a flexible, stainless steel bird proofing system designed for easy installation in the space between bridges and roadway expansion joints. Our exclusive patent-pending design allows the bellow to flex and move in unison with the expansion joint.

Here are some reasons why BirdBellows™ elevated roadway and bridge bird exclusion system is vastly superior to other methods:

  • Designed for easy installation in the spaces between expansion joints of elevated roadways and bridges.
  • Utilizes PVC coated stainless steel.
  • Welded 3/4" mesh size 18 gauge (1.2mm) thickness.
  • Anchored with .25" x 1.75" stainless steel wedge anchors.
  • Expandable exclusion system moves in unison with expansion joint.
  • Completely removable and easily re-installed between bridge inspections.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Two year limited warranty. Extended warranties available.


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